NJF Generation Hope Youth Ministry

New Joy is a place to experience Healing, Wholeness, & Growth

NJF Generation Hope

Our Mission

To  bring hope to the children and youth  in our community by providing them with guidance, youth employment, tutoring, mentoring, educational enrichment, and a safe recreational environment.

Our Goals:

    1. To grow our children & youth both spiritually and mentally through bible study & fine arts.
    2. To assist our children & youth in strengthening their weak areas in school.
    3. To provide job opportunities and character building seminars for ages 13 – 15.
    4. To provide leadership and guidance and to assist youth ages (16 – 18) with finding employment.
    5. To carry the love of Christ into our community by implementing service projects for the children & youth.
    6. To equip parents and encourage them to use biblical principles to govern every aspect of their children’s lives.

Opportunities for Fellowship and Worship


Morning Worship –  10:45am – 12:20pm


  •      Mimes – Soldiers of The Cross:  6pm – 7:00pm
  •      Praise Dancers – Anointed Vessels of Praise:   6:00pm – 7:00pm
  •      Bible Study:  7:00pm – 8:00pm

Contact Info:

Manita Forney
Children & Youth Director
email:  newjoyfellowship@sbcglobal.net