Posted by NewJoy

When any thought or statement comes to you that attack the character or motives of God, immediately respond with the postal message, “RETURN TO SENDER”!  When any taunt comes to you from the enemy that attacks your own character or motives, act as a mirror and reflect those thoughts to God.  He then takes what was designed to destroy you and uses it to strengthen you.  He takes the enemy’s jagged, life-threatening boulders and turns them into building blocks of godly character. 

So shout your victory over the enemy! Psalm 20:5, Psalm 20:7
The enemy has no choice but to flee when faced with God’s Word!
{Excerpt from “Hinds Feet on High Places”, Author: Hannah Hurnard}


Lord, I proclaim Your Lordship over my life.  All the negative things the enemy tells me about myself I reflect upward to Your care.  Thank You for Your victory!